“Where do I begin To tell the story of a…”

The urge to write has overcome my urge to procrastinate so here I am – writing. This blog is about me, my life, living in La La Land alias Egypt, hence the name LindainLaLaLand. I would have preferred something simpler but would you believe it, all the names I wanted were already taken! Such is the power of collective thought and the millions of us who inhabit the www – so there are other people out there just like me after all!

So why will my BLOG be of interest to anyone? Because living in this strange land has challenged my western ways, thoughts, customs, ideas in ways I could never have imagined and will no doubt continue to do so. For some of you back in my wonderful country of birth called New Zealand – Aotearoa, it will explain why I am still here 5 years later or it will make you ask why the fuck am I still here 5 years later? For others who have touched my life for brief moments it will explain a little more of who I am, how I got here and what direction I am moving. For me it will be an outlet for “I have to write!” with thanks to my 6th Form English teacher who handed back my marked exam with the comment “Well you are a bit of a dark horse aren’t you?”

I am not sure exactly how I will go about this but as one of my philosophy is to let my life grow organically, I shall just start. As for the organic bit, I do have urges to poison a few weeds that pop up my life, but more on that as we go on.



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